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Den Living presents the "Design Hub"

Established back in 2003, Den Living has become the go-to interior designer for many premium clients, producing dazzling interiors for projects ranging from high-end restaurants to footballers’ wives’ mansions. 

Den Living are now opening the doors to its age-old mill to invite six interior designers to be part of the new Den Design Hub, a collaborative workspace concept, tailor-made for industry professionals. 

If you are an interior designer looking to underpin your brand with quality working space, presentation facilities, showcase areas, access to materials, manufacturing and delivery, all in one location, then you need to join The Den Design Hub movement.

“Get busy living or get busy dying”

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Being a designer requires a different way of thinking, a unique way of seeing and visualising outcomes, however running a business as a designer can mean a large part of your time is spent searching for and managing partners.  

Whether you are managing or sourcing material suppliers, craftsmen who turn your ideas into reality or even delivery teams to ensure your vision is delivered and installed to an expert standard, your time is often spent on the mundane administration instead of where it should be, which is on the creation of the vision for your client.