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Why choose the Den Design Hub? 

Being a designer requires a different way of thinking, a unique way of seeing and visualising outcomes, however running a business as a designer can mean a large part of your time is spent searching for and managing partners.  

Whether you are managing or sourcing material suppliers, craftsmen who turn your ideas into reality or even delivery teams to ensure your vision is delivered and installed to an expert standard, your time is often spent on the mundane administration instead of where it should be, which is on the creation of the vision for your client.

Introducing The Den Design Hub

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A space to MEET

Spread across an extensive 4000 sq ft floor in the historic New Victoria Mills, Bury, the Den Design Hub boasts two large, bright and airy workspaces ‘The Hub’ and ‘The Den’. The Hub provides a vibrant working environment with access to materials, presentation and printing facilities along with private booths for client meetings whilst The Den is an inspiring product showroom to display design principles and ideas. Members will also have use of a kitchen, toilets and a shower along with a lounge area and bar, providing the ideal setting to meet, greet, and network with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Essentially, the Den Design Hub provides a space to work for yourself, not by yourself!!

A space to CREATE

An ability to advise on the latest colour schemes, fabrics, fittings and furniture is integral to a designer, but setting up trade accounts with suppliers can be difficult and purchasing sample books costly. The Den Design Hub is well-serviced by a host of suppliers so designers can provide everything a client may need all from one design space. Offering access to exclusive trade accounts such as Zinc, Romo and Andrew Martin, the Den Design Hub is consistently well stocked with all of the latest seasonal sample books. Members will also benefit from trade discounts on all fabrics and fittings, access to on-site manufacturing and materials and the Den Living Head of Design for expert advice and support with client proposals.

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A space to DESIGN

Being able to clearly visualise ideas with clients can prove to be problematic when working from home but as a member of the Den Design Hub, designers will always have an extensive range of materials and books to hand along with access to the on-site manufacturing facility.

The Hub provides the ideal environment to design, featuring spacious, purpose-built work units and large scale printers, providing everything needed to brainstorm with clients and create proposals. The Design Hub is also well serviced by specialist partner firms for services such as 3D rendering and curtain and blind manufacture, making it a unique one-stop-shop for all interior design needs.  

A space to DEVELOP

Preparing initial sketches and models is an important part of a designers role. The Den Design Hub boasts all of the space and necessary facilities to produce client proposals, colour laser print and digitally present in a design-centric and dynamic environment, enabling designers to make changes whilst clients are present and close projects on the day. 

Design Hub members also benefit from friendly, encouraging, and knowledgeable business mentors on site who can offer real support and expertise when needed, creating a genuine network of like-minded creatives, all collaborating and developing together by sharing  experience and knowledge.

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A Space to BUILD

Boasting an 8000 sq ft manufacturing floor, with a team of six expert upholsterers, the Den Design Hub gives designers the unique opportunity to design bespoke pieces with clients and literally watch them come to life. With the ability to produce furniture to any specification, fabric or finish, a client's design dreams can be built right in front of their eyes. Services such as French polishing and reupholstery are also available and with ample on-site storage, finished furniture pieces can be stored securely onsite and then safely delivered by the Den Design Hub white glove delivery service.

A Space to PROPOSE

As designers need to work out costs and prepare estimates on a regular basis, the Design Hub is well supported by the expert Den Living staff along with all of the equipment needed to be accurate with proposals, print in full colour and be assured that the manufacturing and delivery timescales can be met, providing peace of mind for both designer and client. The Hub also features cosy and comfortable meeting areas for project discussions and brainstorming sessions and a communal kitchen with complimentary tea and coffee. 

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A Space to PRESENT

Boasting ample room for presentations and meetings, the Den Design Hub is a non-corporate space to bring clients for meetings, without the corporate feel.  As the Den Design Hub is well serviced by partner firms specialising in services such as 3D rendering and moodboard printing, members are able to meet any client requirement. Members also benefit from an on site photo studio and prop room, allowing designers to backup presentations with eye-catching, professional imagery

Featuring ever-changing room mock-ups, the Den space also provides a creatively stimulating setting for official client presentations, showcasing the exceptional manufacturing standards of Den Living's bespoke furniture. 

A Space to DELIVER

As designers often need to recommend or hire people to carry out work on site or for deliveries. the Den Design Hub boasts access to all the delivery and installation workers required for any size job, giving a single point of contact for every project.

When it comes to delivering finished products, The Den Design Hub’s white glove delivery service ensures you have peace of mind knowing that your creations are in safe hands and will be professionally and carefully delivered.

From proposing an initial idea to delivering a complete project, the Den Design Hub  provides the space and facilities for members to deliver results.

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Open the door to a new way of working and join the Den Design Hub Movement today.